Past Shows


 Mauro Ffortissimo's Piano Liberado

Saturday January 29th 2022 at 2pm

Mauro Ffortissimo speaks about Piano Liberado 

I’ve been literally “playing” the inside of pianos for more than 25 years. People that have never heard it before ask me “What is this, how did I come across this instrument, did I invent it?” Some realize it is just an upright piano from which the keyboard and “action” (the hammer mechanisms) have been removed: thus opened and liberated from its original construction. Following in the steps of Harry Parsh, John Cage and the de-construction concepts of Jack Derrida, I’ve added my touch.

Following the concert will be the closing reception, open to all, for Paulette Traverso’s exhibit “Slow Fuse”, featuring pandemic inspired works, her video animations with sound by Mauro Ffortissimo, and other drawings and prints.


Paulette Traverso

Opening Reception, Saturday Dec. 4th runs through Jan. 8th 

For Paulette, creating is as necessary as breath. Daily art practice is essential. Her inspirations are nature, literature, history, music, science and art. Especially from earlier centuries where technology as we know it was nonexistent. The making of illuminated manuscripts, daguerreotypes, pigments from minerals and plants, scientific illustrations, glass models from blown glass... That primal connection of the eye, hand and spirit to make a creative expression. 

Viva La Punx

Guest Curator: Destroy Art 12/4 - 1/8/22

This December at Oakland's UMA Gallery!

VIVA LA PUNX! is an art show by punx, and for all those punk lovers.

Featuring the art of Monkey (The Adicts), Rikk Agnew (D.I/ (R)Adolescents/ Christian Death/Social Distortion),

DNGRCT (The Degenerics/Kamikaze) &

Phil Geck (Monster Squad/LUV), we're celebrating the other side of punk rock through its visual expressions - loud, youthful, scary, irreverent, yet truthful. 


Opening night is on Saturday 12/4 (free entry), with a live painting session on Sunday 12/5,  




Opening Reception, Saturday Dec. 4thruns through Jan 8th

What a treat! UMA Gallery has a surprise for you in the embalming room. Lori Herbst, an independent artist specializing in realistic portraits made from glitter upholstery vinyl that she hand cuts with hobby blades and sews to canvas.

Lori's art is truly unique and one of a kind. Horror movies, her never-ending love of Sci-Fi, modern mythology all serve as inspiration in creating her vinyl portraits. These portraits give us a glimpse into our ever changing culture. Lucky for us, Lori is our guide.

Lori Herbst.jpg