What the FCK! art group show

November 19th  

Artist's Reception 6-9pm

Nov 19th - Jan. 8th

A group show where artists try to make sense of  the fuckedupness that is pervasive in our world while still remaining true to themselves.


Isolation, instability, uncertainty. Common terms describing the new reality as we emerge from a pandemic. Add economic and political upheaval to the mix and you have a recipe for chaos. How we choose to respond will determine our success for survival.  

What the FCK! thoughtfully examines the general state of fuckedupness that is pervasive throughout the world. The undercurrent of this new reality runs deep within our psyches as we grasp for the tattered threads of our sanity. Two tour de force installations by Judson King Smith, Anthropocene Dream and

One of Us deliberately explores climate change in conjunction with political disintegration. One of Us is a touching tribute to an artistic soul encouraging us to spread our wings before it's too late.


There is a welcomed humor in this show that soothes our soul and hopefully inspires us to discover within ourselves what matters most. Works by Still Hear and

K. Pontuti point at the human condition, trying to make sense of their place in the world. Yule Gullak and Brandon Hodges provide a look at the surrealistic effect of the state of things on their lives.

What the FCK opens November 19th through January 8th.

Gallery hours are Thursday - Saturday Noon - 5pm or by appointment.



Sunday nights 


presented by SF Sound

sunday december 11, 2022 (2pm) quinteto latino / bruno ruviaro
sunday december 18, 2022 (7pm) angela edwards's "invoke" / eric glick rieman



UMA Gallery Oakland was born in a former mortuary during the pandemic spring of 2021. Initially addressing the cry from artists to rise from the ashes, Unkle Morty's Pop Up emerged from the depths of the historic Mosswood Chapel revealing the heart, UMA Gallery Oakland. We embrace our symbolic dwelling as a testament to the indestructible spirit of tenacious artists everywhere and invite you to hear their message.

UMA Gallery provides a meeting space where ideas are exchanged, transformed, communicated, questioned, embraced, taught and displayed.



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