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Recycledelic Fusion 

Dickens 44 Bascom

Mar. 31st - May 14th
Artist Reception March 31st

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After living abroad in Asia and Central America for over four decades, Dickens 44 Bascom, whose creations made him a counter culture celebrity in the 1960’s and 70’s is coming to UMA Gallery! “Recycledelic” his term for mosaic and fusion pieces created from thousands of various found and salvaged objects resulting in a kaleidoscopic delight for the eyes.

Seventy nine and going strong, Dickens creates his art daily, juxtaposing universal queries with contemporary absurdities. His piece Big Pharma, a serving platter with the head of an Ultraman looking alien surrounded by pills of every color and shape is but one of many examples. Mayan ATM Temple is another example. A fusion of paint and found objects, this piece screams money is god as it depicts an ATM machine with guards planked on either side on top of a Mayan Temple. At first glance the show looks like candy land, look closer and you'll find the gems and wisdom within.

Join us for this rare event.
March 31st Artist Reception 6pm-9pm

Brainless and Bride of Brainless

Collage work by art duo
Davide Bedendo and Kristi Kremes
March 31 - May 14th
Artist Reception March 31st


Get ready for this powerhouse duo and partners in crime show of all collage art shows! Wickedly talented musicians, artists and makers of the most satisfying pizza in all of Oakland!! (Abinormals,  Gabba Gabba Pizza)

Both bring their superpowers with the mat knife and scissors to the old embalming room inside UMA Gallery (the old Mosswood Chapel). Influenced by her monster loving grandmother, Kristi's work infuses humor into her observations of the human condition.
Hailing from Italy, Davide takes a raw and direct approach. Their styles compliment each other well, revealing a provocative visual assemblage of germane images with a story to tell.

Don't miss this wild event along with the Recycledelic: Fusion Art by Dickens 44 in the small chapel.

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