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Diane Komater

Diane Komater is a nationally acclaimed master wire artist. Think Calder. 

Much like Calder, Komater's work is infused with humor and executed with

the utmost skill. Influenced by the likes of Fritz the Kat, Crumb, the music

of James Brown and the black caming lines in stained glass church

windows. Komater creations of the human form are spellbinding. 


As with all of Komater’s work, one is immediately captivated by following

the lines drawn with wire. The eye searches for the beginning and the

end points until the shadows are discovered.

For a moment, the mind is tickled. Both the object and the shadow are

seen together.  Another jewel is when the otherwise unseen signature is

revealed in the shadow. This aspect of Komater's work draws one deeper into her sensual spell.


  Wired: Rated X is a show about SEX. Komater playfully explores what excites us,

awkwardness around sex, sex symbols, sex as we age, She pokes fun at sex in “Le

Jardenier” one partner is holding the ankles of the other like a lawnmower while

in the act. Komater hopes the show sparks up entertaining Dr Ruth-like

conversation around sexuality.

“Sex is part of nature, I go along with nature”

                                                                               Marilyn Monroe

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