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Oakland Style Week
October 21st

UMA Gallery Oakland Style Week

Oakland Style Week at UMA Gallery

Get ready for an electrifying fashion affair like no other! UMA Gallery is set to host a fashion pop-up that pushes the boundaries of style, featuring unique, one-of-a-kind designs that are nothing short of edgy. Oakland Style Week's spirit comes alive with designers like Wysterium Wear, who will burst on the scene with a spectacular fashion show at 12:30pm.


Prepare to be captivated by avant-garde fashion, as we bring together the boldest creators, including Nikita.Nikinga, Dirty Blonde, Bat Lily, Copperboxler, and more. Stay tuned for a day of sartorial surprises and fashion-forward artistry!

Visit the Death & Ritual ritual show in the gallery while you bask in the wild style of Oakland creators.  

Doors open at Noon.  Free to the Public

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