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Death & Ritual Opening Reception featuring the works of:

Mike Rodda in the old Embalming Room accompanied by the works of Mothmeister, Wretched Blasphemy, Cemetery Friend, Mats! Stromberg, Betsy Kluga, Paulette Traverso, John Colle Rogers, Rhea Adri, Eric Kelly, Stephen C Wagner, Jenya Chernoff, Carol Benioff, Pierre Malin, Jerri Lee Young, Bria Goeller, Lani Asher, John Gullak, Tyler Baker, Micaela Cornwall, Delfina Perietti, Laura Green, Judith Threadgill, Howard Rome, Debra K Burger, Anastasia Sofos, Karen Bohbot, Sean Paul Gallegos and Heather Loop in the Small Chapel.


Opening Night Musical performance Bat Noise/Moira Scar on Theramin


Death & Ritual is a group show exploring our relationship with death and the rituals we have developed around it. In this space we delve into the profound and universal aspects of mortality.​

art credit: Mike Rodda

Mothmeister print
Mothmeister prints
Mothmeister, Dark and Dystopian Fairytales
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About Us

UMA Gallery Oakland was born in a former mortuary during the pandemic spring of 2021. Initially addressing the cry from artists to rise from the ashes, Unkle Morty's Pop Up emerged from the depths of the historic Mosswood Chapel revealing the heart, UMA Gallery Oakland. We embrace our symbolic dwelling as a testament to the indestructible spirit of tenacious artists everywhere and invite you to hear their message.

UMA Gallery provides a meeting space where ideas are exchanged, transformed, communicated, questioned, embraced, taught and displayed.


3630 Telegraph Ave

Oakland, CA 94609

(415) 640-2484

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Gallery Hours:      Thursday

                              3 - 6pm

                              Friday and Saturday

                              Noon - 6pm

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