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June 1st - Aug. 3rd
357 Geary St. San Francisco
Gallery Hours: Thursday - Saturday 11am - 6pm


UMA is back! After a bit of a hiatus, recalibrating and navigating life in very crazy world, UMA has resurfaced. As all things do, we've undergone some changes. While our beautiful building is being sold, UMA is dedicated to bringing you thought provoking outsider art. To that end, we are excited to announce our partnership with Art Thou at their Union Square location in SF for the return of ReTech in his latest evolution, M3MORY CORRUPT. Utilizing over 150 years of technology, ReTech tells the tale of a boy riddled with nightmares who is projected into a future world where technology rules.


Show opens June 1st through August 3rd   357 Geary St. San Francisco.


Saturday, August 3rd 2-4pm - Artist Talk/Closing Reception


​Meet ReTech live in person for this informal one on one artist talk and Q&A.

Memory Corrupt dystopian sculpture from the future past
T1M1, biomech, robot boy, ReTech


Omega N47

Time Machine  assemblage hourglass

ChronoMech 1  

Majorana N2 2.jpg

Majorana N2 Ansible

Dystopian Electric light, ReTech, art llight

Electric Light #6    

Core Memory 29, ReTech, Memory Corrupt show UMA Gallery Oakland

Core Memory 29  

Syncaster ReTech.jpeg

Syncaster 9643

Get lost in ReTech's dreamworld where technology has fused with humans.

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