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October 1st  

Artist's Reception 6-9pm

Oct. 1st - Nov 5th

Fear is paramount to our survival. It is a powerful, primitive and deeply wired reaction. Our bodies respond similarly whether we experience fear, joy or excitement. Adrenaline levels increase; we become very alert and we sweat. Sometimes, we find ourselves laughing in response to a scary experience, as if to say in defiance, "I'm not scared." This incongruous reaction is a temporary ruse. And yet, fear is often what makes us feel alive. If given a platform, fear is capable of opening the door to tremendous personal growth.

What spooks you? What raises the hair off the back of your neck? What lies in the dark that makes you afraid? 

Junara Araujo, Richard Blakely, Crystal Jade Davis,    Billy Douglas,Mike Dubisch, Sara Edge, 

Chelsea Friedman, Andrew Goldfarb, Patti Goldstein, John Gullak, Yule Gullak, Marc Ellen Hamel, 

Brenton Haslam, Penelope Lenaerts, Carl Linkhart, Glenna Mills, David Normal, Nathan Parsons, K. Pontuti, Ron Sandoval, John Sheridan, Ruth Petersen Shorer,    Lisa Simonson, Justin Teisl, Judy Threadgill, Edgar Tolico,  Wes Warren and Travis Wilson


Friday nights 

SFSound Series 8pm

september 23, 2022 thomas carnacki / grale

september 30, 2022 adriana camacho torres (mexico) + lisa mezzacappa / sarah grace graves



UMA Gallery Oakland was born in a former mortuary during the pandemic spring of 2021. Initially addressing the cry from artists to rise from the ashes, Unkle Morty's Pop Up emerged from the depths of the historic Mosswood Chapel revealing the heart, UMA Gallery Oakland. We embrace our symbolic dwelling as a testament to the indestructible spirit of tenacious artists everywhere and invite you to hear their message.

UMA Gallery provides a meeting space where ideas are exchanged, transformed, communicated, questioned, embraced, taught and displayed.



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