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Urban Distortions 
November 6-28th

A group show featuring: Dan Levin, Doug Rhodes,
Jeremy Ian Meyer, Marc Ellen Hamel and

Ron Sandoval

To think creatively, to invent new things, to see new patterns, we need to turn things upside down, inside out and sideways to have a fresh look.

Distortions provide such an opportunity. Used as a tool to combat repetitive messaging, distortions jar us from the normalization of things that are far too complex and consequently lead us to passively believe the hype. 

Through distortion and exaggeration a shift takes place in our “seeing”.

Real or imagined, what we see can deeply impacts us to change our physiology. 

It’s with this intent, Urban Distortions, invites you to welcome the distortions. 

Examine your beliefs, uncover your habitual way of seeing, notice your biases and laugh at the absurdities that surround us.

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