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John Colle Rogers, Critterso fo Chaos, art show, UMA Gallery Oakland

Critters of Chaos July 14- Sept. 2
John Colle Rogers

Critters of Chaos is an exploration of a parallel world, a realm where long-legged creatures and their horned brethren wander the waterfront and the plains beyond. Functional guitar effects pedals and saturated watercolors grace the gallery from July 14 - Sept 2
John Colle Rogers is an artist and blacksmith living in Oakland, CA. His media ranges from sculpture to watercolor, bringing to life a panoply of critters…
Spike Milliken Things to Come art show at UMA Gallery

things to come  July 14th - Sept. 2nd
Spike Milliken

Paul Éluard wrote, "there is another world,
but it is in this one."

   The drawings are another world. The point isn't to explain or define it.  How would you explain the earth?  If I could provide something more than a gross oversimplification, I wouldn't. Questions are interesting. Answers are not interesting.  
    Places I've been and things I've seen get pulverized and mascerated with half digested themes from music, literature, and painting.  The world of the drawings is some necessary by-product of how I think, how I remember and most importantly how I forget. 
   One question that comes up a lot I'm happy to answer: are the grim, eldritch scenes in the drawings a kind of a diary?  Mostly no, and then again mostly yes. 
Spike Milliken 
June 28, 2023
Spike Milliken was born in Pleasant Hill, California, in 1972 and lives in San Francisco. He attended the Palmer School for Girls and Boys, dropped out of high school at 15, lived, died, and then earned his BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and his MFA from California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. He has worked as a product designer for Sony, as an artist-in-residence and  exhibition designer at Zeum Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco, and as a resident artist at Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland. ​

Of the Neighborhood: Collected Sculptures - Extended!
July 14th - Aug. 12th -
Sept. 2nd!
Brandon Hodges

Brandon Hodges art show Of the Neighborhood: Collected Sculptures

I'm a multi-disciplinary artist based out of Oakland, California. I express myself through drawing, painting, and by making collages out of trash I find on the streets in my neighborhood and elsewhere.

My work is inspired by nature, politics, pop culture, childhood trauma, death, mental illness, life as an other, and psychedelics. I am bothered by the amount of litter I see on the streets and my small way of combating it is to pick up what I can and make it beautiful.

Creating is my therapy, my healing, my processing, an attempt at sorting my anxious, ADHD brain. I currently live with my dog and two cats. When I'm not creating, I like reading, going to festivals & shows, camping, hiking, the beach, and spending time with friends and family.

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