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Calendar of Events

Friday nights at UMA Gallery: SFSound Series 8pm
september 9, 2022 karl evangelista + lewis jordan / alex heigl

september 16, 2022 ochs + johnston + perkis + merkey +

nordeson / b day + s glass

september 23, 2022 thomas carnacki / grale

september 30, 2022 adriana camacho torres (mexico) + lisa mezzacappa / sarah grace graves

Thursday Sept. 22nd 

Autumn Equinox Sound Journey


Blue Muse Sound Healing with

Luiza Leite

Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 1.19.00 PM.png

Upcoming Shows and Call to Artists

SPOOKED a group show shinning the light on fear.
This powerful, primitive and deeply wired reaction is paramount to our survival. Our bodies respond similarly whether we experience fear, joy or excitement. This show will pull back the curtain on our deepest darkest fears.  Click here for call to artists.   Runs Oct. 1st - Nov. 5th

WTF it's been that kind of year(s). We're living in an upside world. The strangeness is real. In this group show that strangeness is examined, dissected and focused upon in an attempt to move forward with clarity. You are not crazy. Things are not normal. Stop living in denial.
Click here for call to artists.   Runs Nov. 5th - Jan. 7th


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