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Shadow Boxing- Assemblage Inspired By Joseph Cornell- with Bethany Mann, Saturday May 6th 11-5pm

Class Description

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Shadow boxes become poetic theater or settings wherein are metamorphosed the elements of a childhood pastime. The fragile, shimmering globules become the shimmering but more enduring planets—a connotation of moon and tides—the association of water less subtle, as when driftwood pieces make up a proscenium to set off the dazzling white of sea foam and billowy cloud crystallized in a pipe of fancy.

Joseph Cornell

Photo Credit: Kate Waterman Rose

Come explore the magic world of Shadowbox Assemblage. 

In this workshop we will create a dreamscape in a small container, using paper, paint and small found objects we will experiment with visual non linear story telling, simple construction techniques and design strategy.


Each student will receive a box, and access to papers, and different small objects, and tools and supplies to create a unique piece of art, designed to evoke memories, dreams and emotions in the viewer.


  • This workshop will be held indoors in a spacious room, but please be healthy to attend. Refunds for illness will be offered.


  • Lunch will be served as part of the workshop. Please message me any dietary restrictions.


  • Feel free to bring small personal item to be included in the assemblage, materials will be provided included in the class fee, and possible some extra items for sale.



Shadow Boxing- Assemblage Inspired By Joseph Cornell- 

with Bethany Mann, 

Held at Uma Gallery Oakland

3630 Telegraph Ave.

Oakland, CA 94609


Saturday May 6th 11-5pm

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