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UMA Gallery Oakland is looking for working artists to feature in our upcoming group exhibition in May.

Submissions for September's show will be announced in July.



Opening May 20th

Title: Comfortably Numb

Submissions will be accepted thru May 5th

Notification May 10th

Email Subject:  Comfortably Numb

Theme: A nod to Syd Barret (Pink Floyd) but more importantly this show takes a look at mental health in America. Depending on the statistics you read, nearly 50 million Americans are experiencing mental health issues. What's happening here?


I'm looking for work that brings into focus the barrage of external stressors, digital invasion/detachment from nature, unleashed viruses both man-made and those due to environmental exploitation, political brainwashing, dumbing down the educational system, the sense of overwhelm

to make ends meet, giving up, becoming numb.

Society's health worsen at the hands of misguided leaders, greedy corporations. We are dehumanized by the demands that are put on us to survive in a money hungry capitalistic society. We must conform and risk our own well being to survive. Where are you comfortably numb in your life? What does Comfortably Numb look like to you?


All submissions need to include the name of the artist and title of the piece in the file title. 

File size should be 300 DPI 

There is no fee to submit your work. You may submit a maximum of 4 pieces.


However, if you have been selected to be in the show, to cover admin costs I am requesting

a $25 admin fee per artist (not submission). I have been holding off charging fees for group shows however due to the large volume of work exhibited, I must now cover the costs with your help.


Out of state submissions are responsible for shipping costs.

Selected Work

All selected work over 12" x 12" must be ready to hang with wire. Thank you for understanding. It will be a big show with tons of work. 

Plinths will be provided for sculptures or displayed on the mantle.

Art Submissions
Please follow guidelines for your submissions: 

All submissions need to include the name of the artist, title, size and price of the piece in the file title. 

File size should be 300 DPI 

Acceptance Notices by May 10th

Upload File
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Thanks for submitting!

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