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UMA Gallery Oakland is looking for working artists to feature in our upcoming group exhibition in September.

Death and Ritual.

Submissions for September's show will be announced end of August



Opening September 22, 2023

Title:Death & Ritual

Submissions will be accepted thru August 21st

Notifications on or before August 28th

Email Subject:  Death & Ritual


We invite artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to explore the theme of death and ritual in their creative practice. This call seeks to examine our relationship with death and the rituals we have developed around it, inviting artists to delve into the profound and universal aspects of mortality.

We invite you to ...

  1. Reflect on Personal Experiences: Share your personal reflections and experiences with death and the rituals that have shaped your understanding. How have these experiences influenced your perspective on life and the human condition?

  2. Question Cultural Norms: Investigate the diverse rituals and practices surrounding death across different cultures and religions. Examine the ways in which these rituals shape our collective understanding of mortality and the afterlife.

  3. Explore Symbolism and Metaphor: Utilize symbolism, metaphor, and visual storytelling to convey the complexities and emotions associated with death and the rituals surrounding it. How can you communicate the transient nature of life, the cycle of birth and death, or the transformative power of grief?

  4. Challenge Assumptions: Prompt viewers to question societal norms, attitudes, and fears surrounding death. Explore the taboos and unspoken aspects of mortality, and invite conversations about how we can foster healthier relationships with death.

Through your art, we hope to foster a deeper understanding and acceptance of death as an inherent part of the human experience. As a former funeral home and mortuary UMA Gallery is challenging the conventional narratives, celebrating the diversity of rituals, and contemplating how we can cultivate more compassionate and meaningful relationships with death.


All submissions need to include the name of the artist, title, size and price of the piece in the file title. 

File size should be 300 DPI 

Please include a brief artist statement outlining your concept and its connection to the theme of death and ritual.

We look forward to receiving your thoughtful and engaging works. It is our intent to illuminate the profound mysteries and rituals surrounding death, sparking conversations that enrich our understanding of life itself.

There is no fee to submit your work. You may submit a maximum of 4 pieces.


However, if you have been selected to be in the show, to cover admin costs I am requesting

a $25 admin fee per artist (not submission). I have been holding off charging fees for group shows however due to the large volume of work exhibited, I must now cover the costs with your help.


Out of state submissions are responsible for shipping costs.

Selected Work

All selected work over 12" x 12" must be ready to hang with wire. Thank you for understanding. 

Art Submissions
Please follow guidelines for your submissions: 

All submissions need to include the name of the artist, title, size and price of the piece in the file title. 

File size should be 300 DPI 

Acceptance Notices by August 28th

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Thanks for submitting!

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