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Artist Talk with John Colle Rogers, Spike Milliken and Brandon Hodges

Join us July 27th at 7pm for an intimate artists talk with John Colle Rogers, Spike Milliken and Brandon Hodges.


Critters of Chaos John Colle Rogers is a welder/artist involved with SRL since its early days. Critters of Chaos show cases his welding skills of converting (among other things) old military boxes into guitar effects pedals, a sculptural critter with a 19 foot wingspan, along with vibrant watercolors featuring John’s famous character, Raccoonicorn.

Things to Come. Through his meticulous graphite drawings, Spike Milliken invites viewers into a world where stark contrasts coexist. The lines and shading in his artwork are executed with remarkable precision, creating intricate details that draw the eye. Within these mesmerizing details lie narratives that weave together contrasting emotions and experiences. Milliken’s ability to evoke such complex emotions through his art is truly remarkable.

Alongside the drawings are sculptural pieces that complement specific works harkening back to Milliken’s movie prop making days.

Of the Neighborhood: Brandon Hodges creates art out of trash, utilizing everyday materials that have been forgotten or discarded. From recycled cosmetic containers and clock parts to obsolete technology, such as VCRs, CCTV cameras, and old iPhones, these works serve as a testament to the strength and resilience that reside within each of us. The sculptures were not born in the studio alone, but they have been conceived from the neighborhood’s heart – from discarded materials that once played a pivotal role in the rhythm of domestic life.

Doors open at 6:30, Talk starts at 7pm.
3630 Telegraph Ave at 37th St. Oakland


UMA Gallery Oakland

3630 Telegraph Ave.

Oakland, CA 94609

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