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Touched In The Head

June 24th

show starts

UMA Gallery presents   Touched In The Head


These musical theater troubadours will be performing pieces from their forthcoming debut record, WE ARE GODS along with marionette misfit, Rumpelstilzchen who will be rapping archaic philosophies and riddle-some follies, song-stories which gather together the lost threads of ancient Greek Daimonic lore, Berenstein Bear conspiracy theories, UFO abduction phenomenon and a swinging 60’s London aura all wrapped inside a Mr. Rogers/Syd Barrett psychedelic neighborhood theme song.

After 9 recorded studio albums, 2 musical theater productions and one storytelling saga produced over the course of 2 decades, Dalrymple has put together his latest ensemble, The Wild Daimons with a singular goal~ to save as many Daimons as they can from being ignored, repressed and annihilated, using the divine electricity that courses through the cosmic fields of music, art, theatre, magick and the active imagination.

"Combative, sometimes downright monumental progressive rock pieces."

~African Paper

"Superior to any Zeppelin Evermoring that I have ever heard."



Another act never to be missed will be gracing the UMA with their singular art-pop drenched orchestrations~ the fabulous, FOXTAILS BRIGADE.

"Foxtails Brigade's story-based songs and melody-driven style bring commanding stage presence reminiscent of Kate Bush, Edith Piaf, and Nico. Their haunting vocal sound and violin harmonies, fairy-tale lyrics, and classical technique deem them artists to watch with great things to come." -CBF (LA Weekly). from San Francisco.


Our beloved opening act is none other than resident Wild Child and provocateur of the delirious dimensions of whimsical mayhem, LALI WILDE. With idiosyncratic supplications to the mighty muse of prophetic vagabond Gods in disguise, you won't want to miss this act.



Attention Bay Area! Do you love puppets rapping about Greek philosophy? Do you love psychedelic art shows revolving around themes of insanity and Syd Barrett? Do you love rock-opera, sci-fi doom-jazz? Andy Warhol drenched Art-Pop?

Get ready for the pulsating energy and eclectic sounds of Dalrymple and the Wild Daimons, Foxtails Brigade and Lali Wilde at 

UMA Gallery Oakland 

Saturday June 24 


for a spectacular spectacle. 


Prepare to lose yourself in a world where indie rock anthems collide with poetic lyricism, where boundaries of genre are shattered and where the spirit of independent music thrives. 

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