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Bling Your Thing
in partnership with East Bay Depot
for Creative Reuse


rotary phone, Dickens 44, collage art, bottle caps
llama, collage, found objects, Dickens 44

Bling Your Thing
3D collage using found or cherished objects

Sunday, April 30


Inspired by the Dickens 44 Bascom exhibit at the UMA Gallery Oakland, join us to create your own priceless “recycledelic” piece.  


Who is Dickens 44?


Dickens 44 Bascom is a "glue artist" or "gluer" who rose to prominence in the 1960s. One of his most famous pieces was a 1961 Ford Falcon to which he glued just about everything you could imagine: a typewriter, toilet seat, toys, Donald Duck, and other "relics of our civilization". It was one of the first cars ever decorated in this fashion (perhaps the first).




Class takes place in the lovely UMA Gallery, surrounded by Dickens 44 Bascom exhibit of  over 40 pieces demonstrating his Recycledelic Fusion method and early paintings.

The gallery is located at 3630 Telegraph Ave. at 37th Street in the old Mosswood Chapel.

Parking is available in the lot.




Bring the 3D object you’d like to enhance. ( this object needs to be structurally sound in order to hold the weight of the glued pieces). 

The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse will provide an array of items for you to adhere to your form. (Charms, beads, discarded objects of various sizes etc). 

Glue guns and glue sticks will be provided.

Feel free to bring some of your personal objects you’d like to include in your project. 

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Cost: $50 (some materials included)

Adults and 14+

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