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Microscopic Moments:
Victorian Microscope Slides as Surrealist Narrative-
Collage Assemblage Workshop Saturday April 29th 11-5pm

Class Description

I have obsessions. Visual obsessions that inform my artistic story telling. One of them is the Victorian Scientific Object... in this case, microscope slides. Victorian microscope slides were sold commercially as objects of curiosity, and most were highly decorative.

Photo Credit: Kate Waterman Rose

One of the mottos that has informed my work is "The Small Things Are The Big Things"

In this motto i found the inspiration of capturing on microscope slides tiny moments that change the course of our lives.


In this class we will create reproductions of Victorian microscope slides to attempt to capture and celebrate (or mourn) these tiny moments that we focus so intently upon. We will mount tiny items on the slides, decorate and wrap them in paper and label them with the moments in question.


We will also decorate and label a cardboard case, to make it suitable for presentation.


All tools and materials will be provided but if you have a micro item or two you particularly want to preserve, do bring it and we will see if we can mount it on the slide.


You will create one set of 4 slides and case in class and will have materials for a second set that you can work on in class, or after, as time permits. (Because memories are most potent when shared.)


Lunch will be included for this class. Please advise of dietary restrictions


** COVID REQUIREMENTS: Please be fully vaccinated and symptom free to attend class. Refunds or reschedule (if possible) will be offered. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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